Grower Outreach Award goes to Heritage Co-op Team

April 16, 2018
Grower Outreach Award goes to Heritage Co-op Team

The Co-op Grow Team Awards celebrate the success and hard work of Co-op teams throughout the country. This winter, the Heritage Co-op Agro Division was recognized for their exceptional  customer service with the Grower Outreach Award. 

The Grower Outreach Award is given to a team that actively engages growers through farm calls and grower meetings and leads organization and execution of grower meetings. Heritage Co-op’s Agro Team was chosen for this award because they always put the customer first. This team prides themslves on excelling in customer service and continually growing and improving in this area.

The Heritage Co-op Agro Team hosts customer barbeques on a weekly basis for three months of the spring and summer and make several visits to scout fields each year. Congratulations to the Heritage Co-op Agro Team on such a great acheivement!

Sales Agronomists Celine Nykorak and Braden Calvert accept the Grower Outreach Award from 

FCL Knowledge and Innovation Manager, Trish Meyers